Women interested in learning how to fly and Pilots in Training can book C-FLUG to sit in her when she’s not flying with licenced pilots (contact

a.     practise going through check lists,

b.     practise ‘walk-arounds’, and

c.     get familiar with sitting in her cockpit

d.     attend free work parties and ground school sessions


Women pilots interested in flying C-FLUG, contact



You will need the following to book C-FLUG:

  1. A photo of your:
    a.     aviation medical,
    b.     pilots licence, and
    c.     last page of your log book.
  2. Complete the Application to Fly C-FLUG, pay $145 annual insurance fee and $200 for 10 hour block of time.
  3. Request a check out so you’re familiar with operating the hangar door and flying off Lyncrest Airport’s runways. Several experienced C150 Pilots have volunteered to be Check Out pilots. New C-FLUG pilots fly with a Check Out pilot or their designate until they are comfortable with flying C-FLUG.
  4. C-FLUG pilots can review C-FLUG's schedule online (see Calendar here), allowing 30 minutes to refuel and clean her before handing her over to the next pilot booked*. Minimum booking is 1 hour + 30 minutes for refueling and clean up. We would love to see C-FLUG used for longer trips too so all-day, over-night, and multi-day bookings are negotiable.

Check C-FLUG's Availability

This calendar is updated as bookings are confirmed by the coordinator. To book C-FLUG, go to our Google Calendar (sign-in required). Bookings are first come, first served (*please see notes above about time between bookings). C-FLUG maintenance periods will be blocked out.

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Don't forget your:

C-FLUG Pilot Application Form
Application to fly _ fillable form April
Adobe Acrobat Document 326.9 KB
C150 Pilot Operating Handbook
Adobe Acrobat Document 6.5 MB
C-FLUG Agreement and Rules
Adobe Acrobat Document 251.5 KB
Quiz 2017
quiz 2017 1 May fillable form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 293.5 KB
CFLUG Checklist
CFLUG checklist.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 193.5 KB
C150 Emergency Procedures
C150 Emergency Procedures (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 119.8 KB
C-FLUG Weight and Balance
C-FLUG Lyncrest Flight sheet 2014 sept 8
Adobe Acrobat Document 179.2 KB
Flight Log
Flight Log June 2014 C-FLUG.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 212.4 KB
Request to Fly Long Cross Country
Formal Request to Fly C-FLUG on Summer C
Adobe Acrobat Document 183.6 KB
Spot Quick Start Basics
Adobe Acrobat Document 323.4 KB
CFLUG radio VHF ICOM A210.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 19.5 KB