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C-FLUG Cessna 150

C-FLUG is owned by the Manitoba Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, International Association of Women Pilots. The purpose of C-FLUG is to provide women pilots with the opportunity to stay current and build hours while strengthening their aviation network locally and internationally, and increasing ones understanding of basic aircraft maintenance. Contact for details and application.


Pilots book C-FLUG on-line once they have completed their check rides and are familiar with Lyncrest Airport, RAA hangar, and C-FLUG’s Flight Watch safety system.  Bookings ranging from 1 hour to Multi-day bookings. Cost is $20/hour thanks to our generous sponsors and fund raising activities.


Fuel Scholarships for C-FLUG Pilots

Apply for fuel scholarships by sending publishable answers to the following questions:

  1. Your favourite destinations to fly to,
  2. Your three favourite airports for practising circuits and why,
  3. The number of different passengers you plan to take flying in the next 3 months, and
  4. How many people you plan to take flying at upcoming EAA Young Eagles, COPA for Kids and Women Fly Free events.
  5. Include your EAA and COPA membership number and confirm you are a member of the RAA and social member of the SFC or equivalent; and your Total Hours of Flight Time.

First Cross Country Scholarships for Women Pilots in Training

Apply for First Cross Country Scholarships by sending answers to the following questions:

  1. Why you are learning how to fly,
  2. Where you are taking your flight training and who is your instructor,
  3. When you plan to do your first solo cross country.


Rosella Bjornsen Scholarship for Flight Training

Complete the application, click here for the current form.


99s Scholarships for Flight Training and Research

Complete applications on the 99s International website.

Flight Training in Manitoba

Here are some options for those interested in flight training.

Connect with Us

Training, special events and workshops are helded at Lyncrest throughout the year. Below are some photos from past events. For details and ongoing event listings please see our Women Fly Facebook Page and Blog.

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C-FLUG Pilot Application Form
Application to fly _ fillable form April
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C150 Pilot Operating Handbook
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C-FLUG Agreement and Rules
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Quiz 2017
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CFLUG Checklist
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C150 Emergency Procedures
C150 Emergency Procedures (1).pdf
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C-FLUG Weight and Balance
C-FLUG Lyncrest Flight sheet 2014 sept 8
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Flight Log
Flight Log June 2014 C-FLUG.pdf
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Request to Fly Long Cross Country
Formal Request to Fly C-FLUG on Summer C
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Spot Quick Start Basics
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CFLUG radio VHF ICOM A210.pdf
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